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Welcome to 4 Square Financial Literacy Partners


 4Square is a Financial Educational Company founded to service an increasing need for financial literacy.  We help employees better understand and plan around the complicated array of benefits earned as part of their employment. Our services are primarily focused on our partners in the public employee marketplace (Federal, State, Municipal and Public Safety employees) helping these individuals navigate the many benefits decisions they face at every stage in their career, from early, mid and late career to retirement. Our main training objective is to dissect each piece of the benefits package and to share ideas with the participants on how they can gain better use, control and enjoyment of these benefits when coordinated with their own personal financial planning.

Our Financial Literacy programs are customized to each unique benefit plan and are available in broad workshop format ranging from all day sessions to short webinars on demand topics given by selected Educational Presenters.

Our Educational Presenters are tenured financial services professionals who are very familiar with the nuances of public employee benefits structures.  They will demonstrate how to maximize the integration of these programs into the participant's own personal savings and spending programs. Our presenters are paid by a fee:  They are not allowed to sell financial products while representing 4Square Financial Literacy Partners, Inc., and they will never solicit you for a follow up meeting. They will simply provide you with non-biased information that you will be able to take to your personal financial advisor or to implement on your own.

Our extensive financial services experience coupled with a better understanding of your hard earned benefits packages can help our workshop participants become better prepared for life events, to increase savings, to reduce debt, and to identify waste and other eroding factors that can reduce wealth. We liken your financial situation to a ship at sail: The wind can be blowing into the mainsheet, but if you don't plan a course and plug the leaks in the hull, it could be a long and unproductive trip! 

We encourage you to explore our site and learn more about the services we provide. Should you have any questions or would like more information on our firm, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


- Joanna Hinkel, President and CEO

Our NATCA Relationship

Foursquare is proud to be partnering with NATCA to provide enhanced benefits to the membership through relevant and timely retirement benefits education and financial literacy training.

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Our Workshop Overview

Anyone can tell you how to blow wind in your sail: Foursquare Financial Literacy will train you to find and to fix the holes in your boat.

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Workshop Schedule

We offer workshops in your area, and monthly webinars, too.  Sign up now and see how Foursquare can help you!

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