Who is 4Square Financial Literacy Partners?

We are a family-owned company that was founded with the express purpose of providing financial literacy training to the public employee.  We recognized a growing number of financial services clients who understood the "What?" of their many benefits, but needed training on the "Why?"  the "When?" and the "How?"  Our training is provided by financial professionals with years of experience dealing with the complexities of public employee benefits.  They will show you how to utilize your benefits to their maximum advantage to help you meet your retirement goals.  They get it.  And so will you.
Financial Professionals lead the seminars; will the Educational Presenters be trying to sell me financial products?
Never.  Our Educational Presenters are acting in a strict advisory capacity.  They are compensated through a speaking fee and our contract specifically prohibits the presenter from initiating contact with any of the Members for whom they provide Literacy Training.
Who will answer my questions after I leave the workshop?
If you need assistance with any of the areas addressed in the workshop, there are several avenues you can explore for additional information.  You can send inquiries to questions@4squarefinancial.com, and we will forward the inquiry to one our Educational Presenters.  They will research your question and you will be contacted with an answer by email or by telephone, at your discretion.  Additionally, at our workshops you will be provided with a list of NATCA Partner Vendors that you may contact directly for more in-depth assistance or implementation.  Finally, you can contact the OPM.  (All final decisions about eligibility and application of your benefits remain with the OPM.)
How do I find a workshop in my area? 

   Your Benefits Committee has asked us to present 34 Retirement Benefit Seminars in locations throughout the US between now and the end of 2014.  The List of Approved Locales is available under the Workshop Calendar tab.  The workshops with confirmed dates and locations can be found on the Workshop Calendar.  All workshop registration is done through the NATCA portal.  If you need additional information, you may reach us directly at questions@4squarefinancial.com, or by calling us toll free at (855) NATCADV (855/628-2238).

Who can I call for help with registration?

All seminar registration will be handled through the NATCA portal at https:/portal.natca.org.  For any questions or problems with registration, please contact Abigail Glenn-Chase at 202-220-9811, or aglennchase@natcadc.org.